HDE Emergency 3 LED Torch Flashlight Key Fob Solar Energy Power Keychain Lamp Light (Pink)

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Whether you’re weathering a winter storm when the power goes out or searching your broken-down car at night in the middle of nowhere, a solar-powered flashlight can be a lifesaver. A few minutes in the sun and you’ll have easy access to bright light from three high-intensity LED lights. This flashlight is the perfect addition to your keychain, your home’s emergency supplies, or even as a compact light perfect for hiking or camping. The portable, lightweight design makes this keychain flashlight useful for just about any situation.If you’re an environmentally-conscious consumer, you know that battery-powered flashlights create a lot of waste in the form of used batteries. Not so with a solar-powered flashlight; simply leave your keychain on the windowsill when you get home each day and your flashlight will always be charged and ready when you leave the following morning. No fuss, no muss, and no additional trash to be tossed into a landfill.You may not think you ever wanted a flashlight on your keychain until you actually have one attached to your keychain! These flashlights are compact and made from lightweight and safe plastic, so you’ll barely notice it in your pocket. However, you’ll be very happy you have it during an emergency.Automotive accidents can happen at any time, including late at night in the middle of a lonely highway. A flashlight is necessary for any emergency and having a solar-powered flashlight means you don’t have to worry about remembering to replace the batteries in your emergency flashlights before each road trip.


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