1 LED, Keychain with Bottle Opener

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Product Description

LED, Keychain with Bottle Opener is the perfect utility Keychain for your every day needs. Whether you are a Bartender at the local hot spot or a weekend warrior you are sure to find a use for this surprisingly convenient Key Chain. The Light Keychain is attractively styled and is appointed with a fully functional hand held LED spot light and nimble bottle opener. The Light Keychain’s super bright LED light has a simple steady on or off feature so you can also use it hands free. Whether you are looking for a bottle in the dark lit area under the bar or searching for a key hole when you get home at night The Light will never fail you! The Light Keychain has been designed so you can easily grasp it in a hurry and pop open that bottle of beer twice as fast; so fast in fact patrons will not even have a chance to blink before there icy cold beer is opened sitting right in front of them. The Light Keychain is a must have for all bartender or any one who wants a stylish key chain and demands a quality light and bottle opener all in one great package.


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